British Charcoal The truly superior Charcoal
Idealy suited to our range of Barrel Barbecues and Braziers

The Dorset Charcoal Company is producing sustainable British charcoal; thereby ensuring the good management of local woodlands by finding a use for lower value wood, such as thinnings or misshapen waste, and encouraging the restoration of derelict coppice. The latter is extremely beneficial to local wildlife whose ecosystems rely on the cyclical nature of coppice growth. Many butterflies and flowers require the sunlight that is associated with freshly cut coppice, whereas growth from the stools provides an ideal habitat after a couple of years for thrushes, finches, warblers and nightingales. However, after fifteen years or so, coppice becomes overgrown and dark leading to a decline in wildlife, requiring the process to start once again.


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Ignites quickly Ready to cook on in 15 minutes
Burns cleanly Leaves only ash Lasts longer - greater volume per kg. than imported charcoal
No need for firelighters or lighter fuel
Benefits local wildlife through good woodland management
Conserves tropical forests in developing countries
Saves worldwide transport of charcoal
High quality hardwood barbecue charcoal is available in bags of 3kg or 10kg


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